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Liz Bernatzek |
Google, Nike
"Chris is a trusted partner in transforming visions into a remarkable Brand."

Over several months I had the pleasure of working with Chris. Through his extensive experience and innovative thinking, Chris was a daily inspiration to me. His work stands out for its high quality and structure.

He is an expert in building clear and simple concepts that you can explain to anyone in one sentence. I am super grateful we could work together, and I look forward to our next journeys!"

Georg Bauser |
Startup Advisor & Entrepreneur,
ex airbnb
"Chris is the best brand expert I have worked with."

He knows how to build real brands for any company stage, from early to later stage. He helped us in various projects to define unique brands and experiences that drove sustainable growth!If you need a brand expert, Chris is the clear choice."

Franziska Scheinhard | BCG Digital Ventures
"Over and over again, Chris created thought-through brand strategies from scratch."

"I have worked with Chris in various ventures and industries.

Over and over again, he created thought-through brand strategies from scratch and executed unique and bold brand visuals in no time.”

Patrik Lenhart |
"Chris knows what a brand needs to have to perform in marketing."

"When I tell people about Chris I always struggle to really nail what he does. He is kinda a concept creative with great strategic knowledge, or an art director, a brand Designer, experience designer … it’s hard to define. And that is a good thing.

Because he is so skilled and comfortable in all areas of brand and communication… he can truly understand brand. He knows what a brand needs to have to perform in marketing … because he is experienced in marketing. He had to deal with all challenges within the journey of brand building. And therefore can approach the topic fully holistic. On top of that, he is a damn nice human being."


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Founders will love working with the "Brand sooner” program.

Running ASAP

No onboarding process is required. You can begin immediately, take breaks as needed, and resume at your convenience.

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Your time is a valuable resource. Hence, there is no need to schedule multiple meetings. The process is primarily asynchronous to offer you flexibility.

Transparent, affordable pricing

You don't need expensive and complex pricing that is hidden behind a lengthy sales process. What you want is to carefully plan your Runway.

Flexible month-to-month contract

Long and inflexible contracts can present difficulties. It is crucial for you to maintain adaptability in order to navigate these obstacles effectively. No risk for your Burn Rate.

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Hi–I’m Chris
My mission is to assist founders in achieving long-term success by establishing a strong brand right from the start.

Brand Builder
& Founder

In the last ten years, I have observed the significant influence of establishing a strong brand from the beginning. On the other hand, I have also witnessed the consequences of rebranding after scaling. The resources, both in terms of time and money, needed for rebranding are often immense. Moreover, there is a possibility that founders may not even have the opportunity to rebrand if they lack sufficient momentum right from the start.

Therefore, I founded "sooner" with the goal of assisting founders in establishing a strong brand correctly from the start, in a fast and cost-efficient way.

I have learned at leading agencies like Jung von Matt, R/GA, TBWA, and have worked for top-tier clients such as Google, Nike, and Mercedes. More recently, I worked for BCG Digital Ventures, where I contributed to launching and scaling numerous digital products and companies.

As the Co-Founder of FANtium, I am not just a Brand builder but also an entrepreneur who has experienced firsthand the challenges and triumphs of launching a startup as a Founder.