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Brand accelerator
We collaborate with early-stage founders to develop their unique brands, saving both time and money.
8h + $12,800
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Your distinctive brand build on your strategic business goals
Future-proof system to expand your brand and product rapidly and consistently
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Customers accept an average price premium
Assembling an excellent team, investors and partners
Reduces reliance on paid media
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What Clients say

Liz Bernatzek |
Google, Nike
"sooner is a trusted partner in transforming visions into a remarkable Brand."

Over several months, I had the pleasure of working with sooner. Their extensive experience and innovative thinking were a daily inspiration. Their work, notable for its high quality and structure, showcased their expertise in creating clear and simple concepts explainable in a single sentence.

I am extremely grateful for our collaboration and eagerly anticipate our future ventures.

Georg Bauser |
Startup Advisor & Entrepreneur,
ex airbnb
"sonner are the best brand experts I have worked with."

They know how to build authentic brands for any company stage, from early to later stages. They've assisted us in numerous projects to establish unique brands and experiences that fostered sustainable growth. If you require a brand expert, they are the definite choice.

Franziska Scheinhard |
BCG Digital Ventures
"Over and over again, they created thought-through brand strategies from scratch."

"I have worked with sooner in various ventures and industries.

Over and over again, they created thought-through brand strategies from scratch and executed unique and bold brand visuals in no time.”

Patrik Lenhart |
"sooner knows what a brand needs to have to perform in marketing."

"When I describe sooner to people, it's always a challenge to precisely define what they do. They're a creative concept group, with tremendous strategic knowledge, and they function as art directors, brand designers, and experience designers. It's hard to label, which is a positive thing.

Their expertise spans all aspects of brand and communication, giving them a deep understanding of branding. They know what a brand needs to succeed in marketing because they have marketing experience. They've navigated all the challenges involved in brand building, which allows them to take a fully holistic approach. On top of that, they're genuinely nice people.”


3 Steps and 3 Weeks to
Your Brand Excellence
1 | Brand Foundation
Strategic Brand Foundation that aligns with your business goals and resonates with your target audience.
2 | Brand Development
Using the Brand Foundation, we identify a timeless, compelling story and examine the assets typically associated with "branding": a name, a logo, fonts, colors, and a tagline.
3 | Brand Implementation
Consistency and speed in executions with a future proof  system to grow your product and marketing materials

From Founders FOR FOUNDERS

Why Founders will love working with sooner

Running ASAP

No onboarding process is required. You can begin immediately, take breaks as needed, and resume at your convenience.

Mostly async, no meeting bloat

Your time is a valuable resource. Hence, there is no need to schedule multiple meetings. The process is primarily asynchronous to offer you flexibility.

Transparent, affordable pricing

You don't need expensive and complex pricing that is hidden behind a lengthy sales process. What you want is to carefully plan your Runway.

Flexible month-to-month contract

Long and inflexible contracts can present difficulties. It is crucial for you to maintain adaptability in order to navigate these obstacles effectively. No risk for your Burn Rate.


Brands aren't created in one go by an agency or a design team.

In the current consumer landscape, a successful brand is more than just a superficial layer; it's integral to the business itself. To us, a brand isn't merely a name, logo, tagline, or website. It's a fundamental idea at the heart of your business, one that's more significant than product features. We believe that brands aren't created in one go by an agency or a design team. Instead, they're built over time by the founders of the business.

Our Goal:
As such, we don't see ourselves as an external agency but rather as an additional founder. We collaborate with you to instill this viewpoint from the beginning, using a system specifically designed for an early-stage environment.

Why Sooner:
Some founders believe that "branding" is something to worry about after the more important matters have been addressed - a box to tick at the end of the process. But this is far from the truth. Given that technology has lowered the barriers to entry for everyone, success largely hinges on brand.

Building a strong brand before it's needed is the key to long-term success.


A transparent pricing system tailored to early-stage requirements
Get your brand
In Three Steps to
Your Brand Excellence.

Exclusive price for waitlist joiners $9800
Brand Foundation
Styleguide, Brandbook
Social Media Assets
Design System
Landinpage (onepager)
Brand Roadmap (From Start-up to Mature Brand)
Lifetime Access to all Templates and Workshops and Figma files
Access to the Virtual CBO GPT
Access to "WE GROW TOGETHER" Membership
Easy credit-card payments
We grow together
If your team isn't ready to take over, don't worry, we can grow together.
Membership $7,400
Pause or cancel anytime
Two requests at a time
Average 48 hour delivery
Hiring support
Communication via Slack
Easy credit-card payments
Pause or cancel anytime
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Got questions?
We've got answers.
Who, specifically, is sooner for?

Sooner is designed for anyone launching a new company, product, or service. This includes startup founders, entrepreneurs, venture builders, and solopreneurs. Regardless of the industry, every successful business needs a strong brand and system for growth.

For whom is it not?

If a brand is merely about colors and copywriting to you, it would be better to engage a classic design agency.

Why should you work with us instead of hiring an external agency?

Instead of relying on an external agency, the founders should develop the brand strategy's foundation. Without doing so, the founders may not fully embrace a foundation imposed by outsiders. We ensure that your brand is built on the simple idea at the heart of your business.

What happens after the program is finished?

Once you complete the "Get your Brand" program, your brand will be poised for growth and scalability within your company. We can offer further assistance in two ways: either by aiding you in hiring talented individuals, or by providing ongoing support through a Membership contract for as long as needed.

Do you have any questions? We're here to assist you! Schedule a call and we would be delighted to address all of your inquiries.
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